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A Message to My Brother

Our last photo together

In late October of 2017, I lost my only brother after a 9-year battle with cancer that began in his colon and eventually moved to his lungs.  He was barely 30-years old when our family was given the Stage 4 diagnosis.  It was baffling and extremely frightening to know that someone so young and, for the most part, healthy could fall victim to such a horrible disease.

Despite the diagnosis, we had hope.  The doctors were able to remove the tumor from his colon and, with some chemo, the ones in his liver, too.  Unfortunately, cancer continued and appeared as tiny spots on his lungs about a year after the surgeries.  For the next 8 years, my brother’s life revolved around a constant schedule of chemotherapy and doctor’s visits.  As grim as this sounds, those years were not ones full of suffering and misery.  Corey was able to live his life pretty much as he would’ve without cancer until the month before he passed.

During that time, I learned a lot about the type of cancer he had, read about some experimental treatments and even convinced him, through my mother, to try a couple of things but nothing was significant.  Since that time, though, I have learned more.  If I could this is what I would tell my brother, now.

Stay Away from the Sugar

Corey was never the healthiest eater.  His staple foods were pizza, pasta and Pepsi.  While he may have had a genetic disposition to cancer, his cancer was supported by a very avoidable risk factor – his diet.

Corey with his signature Pepsi

I wished I could have helped him understand his favorite foods were basically providing a steady supply of sugar to his tumors and creating the acidic environment in his body that they needed to thrive.  And that Pepsi?!  It was a double whammy!  Not only was it delivering 39 grams of sugar (more than the 36g/day recommendation for men and 25g/day for women), but the carbonation process was ramping up the acidity within his body.

Give Cannabis a Try

I knew about medical marijuana during my brother’s illness, but I didn’t really know about medical marijuana.  I knew people used it for issues like glaucoma, but everyone I knew that used cannabis “medically” (which weren’t many) were really just using it recreationally – they weren’t intentional about the amount, frequency, strain…nothing.

I have since learned that as early as 1975, there has been research and discoveries that show cannabis as an effective cancer treatment.  As late as 2007, Dr. Sean McAllister showed that cannabis fought malignant forms of breast cancer.  There have also been experiments where cannabinoids were able to inhibit the signal that told tumors to build their blood supplies in cases of brain cancer.

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 11.10.22 PM
How to take FECO/RSO for cancer treatment

Knowing this, I would have put my brother on 3-month course of FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil)/RSO (Rick Simpson Oil).  This heavy-duty, whole-plant medicine would have allowed his body to not only fight the tumors he had, but also counteract the negative effects of the chemo treatments.  It would have allowed his endocannabinoid system to wake up and fight the nasty tumors that plagued his body.

To say I miss my brother is an enormous understatement.  He had a great heart and was as easy going as they come.  A day does not go by without me thinking about him or laughing about something he said or did.  And even though I wish I could rewind the clock to fight a little longer, I know I can’t; but, I can share with others the knowledge I’ve gained in his honor with hopes and intentions of possibly helping someone else.

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